Turning toward Love: Ash Wednesday

Please note: the 2018 Lenten Devotional is available here.

Lent begins this Wednesday, with Valentine’s Day falling on Ash Wednesday. Many people have commented that this seems like a strange combination. But, what if Lent is less about pointing out our flaws with an ashy X and more about finding our potential to LOVE both God and our neighbors?

This week’s activity: Turning ourselves toward Love

Needed: one central candle and a candle for each person, butterflies from last week.


Gather together as a family. Light a central candle saying these words from Godly Play, “Once there was a man who said such wonderful things and did such amazing things that people had to ask him who he was. One time, when they asked him who he was he said….”I am the light.”

Discuss: Have each person light their candle from the central candle, dimming the lights if possible. Remember  that  each of us has the light within us. Go around the circle and share what you have written on your butterfly from last week. How are you sharing your light during Lent?

Pray this prayer or another of your choosing: Creator God, help us to spread LOVE like light passed from one candle to another. Turn us always toward your love.

Note: When candles are extinguished in the Godly Play lesson, the leader says that the light is “changed.” The light (now smoke) spreads out, filling the space. Even though we cannot see the light, it surrounds us always.

For more about the connections between Ash Wednesday and love, see this article.

For a repentance focused Ash Wednesday at home, Building Faith has a marshmallow roasting activity.

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