So??? Eastertide Week 1

Christ is Risen! Yesterday we celebrated Easter Sunday with flowers, music, egg hunts and the Good News of the empty tomb. Today it is back to school, work, and “normal.” But does it have to be? The church calendar dedicates seven Sundays to Easter – which always surprises children. This week, you are invited to explore what it means to live as an Easter person even after the store shelves have been cleared of jelly beans and stuffed bunnies.


Read Mark 16:1-8. Do you notice anything about this version of the story? It ends abruptly with the women saying “nothing to anyone” about what they have seen at the tomb because they are afraid. How does this ending compare with Matthew, Luke and John’s? What if this were the only story we knew?

Share your stories:

Children and youth, especially those in more progressive Christian families, need to hear what difference the Easter story makes in the lives of adults they know. How does following Christ transform you? How does it change how you live? How does it bring you hope? Jesus is risen so…..??? Sometimes we get hung up on whether or not we believe the story happened exactly the way(s) that it is written. But what if the important part is not how  it happened, but what it means for us and what difference it makes in our own lives. This week, share your stories about transformations that you have observed.

Live as Easter people:

The spring calendar is full of sports, end of year celebrations, proms, graduations, and exams. While we can’t throw out our calendars, we can overlay them with the church calendar, celebrating Easter for 50 days. As a family, choose one way to remember the Easter season. You might leave a decoration out on your table, plant flowers by your door, or tell each other “Happy Easter,” each day. Building Faith offers 8 easy ways including practicing gratitude, getting outdoors, and writing poetry. Share how you are celebrating 50 days of Easter in our Five Minute Faith Facebook group.


Holy God, help us to live as Easter people. Help us to notice the transformations you make in the world and in our own lives through Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! Amen.

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