During the summer months, we have lots of trying times as parents, with all of the kids at home. We say that we just want them to listen to us. But what do we really mean by listening?
In her sermon this past Sunday, Pastor Sherrie spoke of Deborah. She was in a place of power, unlike most women of her time. What set her apart from her fellow males was that she listened. Her immediate response was not fixing, not sentencing, but listening. 
When we require our children (or anyone) to listen to us, what is our request? Obey me? Agree with me? Or truly listen to me?
For many of us (present company included) listening is a challenge. The mark of a seasoned listener is validation. She does not downplay the person’s feelings, distract from the feelings, or talk of her own feelings.
Perhaps you feel not listened to. If this is the case, I would look inward. The next time a loved one is venting, and you think to yourself, “I can’t just stand here, I must DO something”…think again.
Don’t do something. Just sit there. 
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