June 19 Edevotional

Can you let God see you as you are? Fully, completely, in all of your nakedness; vulnerability? That will mean some unraveling, the theme of our summer sermon series. We have been taught, over and over again, in so many different ways and means, to not reveal our full selves. To show only what are judged to be our best selves. It is this kind of unraveling that we read and get a picture of in those characters who are closest to Jesus in our Gospel stories, and the characters in our Hebrew Scriptures as they relate with God of the universe. It’s not that God, as revealed in Jesus, wants us to suffer, be needy, vulnerable, raw, or hurting, which is what unraveling sometimes feels like. It’s that God, who is deep and abiding love, loves the deepest you, and will always desire for you to know and love the deepest you, the core of you, what makes you, you. The you where God’s Spirit lives and moves, and has it’s being.
Unraveling can also happen when we are thrust into an unexpected, joy-filled, surprise encounter. When there is such a celebration of life that that then, too, our beloved self feels free to come out and play as a child. This is part of Sarah’s story. When unexpected visitors are given radical hospitality, and their vision of new life for Sarah and Abraham is revealed, there is such a bubbling up of laughter in Sarah, such incredulity, that she is seen and known and loved. We’ll be sharing Sarah’s story this Sunday in our worship.
What is your story of being unraveled by God? I would love to hear some. God is good. All the time. God is good.
Pastor Sherrie Lowly
Categories: E-Devotional