Five Minute Faith: Showing Care for Others

This week’s and next week’s lectionary texts are stories of Jesus healing from the book of Mark, 1:21-28 & 1:29-39.  These passages challenge us to face some of life’s difficult questions. Why aren’t all the people we pray for healed? How do we understand the miracles that Jesus performed? And, what is an “unclean spirit?” I’ll cut to the chase – I don’t have the answers to these tough questions. However, most Christians agree that we are to care for the sick, providing comfort and support. This week you are invited to show care by creating something for a person in need of healing.


  1. When your family is gathered together, create a prayer list of those people you know who are sick, injured, or anxious.
  2. Pray for these persons together, “God, please comfort and heal _______  with your love. Amen”
  3. Create something to show your care for the person(s) you have named. Ideas include:
    • A note or card
    • Tissue paper flowers
    • A pillowcase decorated with fabric markers
    • A meal or dessert
    • A drawing or piece of art
    • A phone call
    • A blanket or prayer shawl
    • Homemade play-dough (good for children who must stay still)
  4. When your creation is finished, lay your hands on it and offer a blessing, “God, may our gift be a sign of your love and care.”
  5. Mail or deliver your creation.

Have more time?

Younger children are able to pack UMCOR health kits for those who have been displaced from their homes.

Tweens and teens can make Linus blankets for children in the hospital.

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