Celebration of Story!

This past Sunday we celebrated the end of a school year full of Godly Play stories with the “Liturgical Synthesis” story. That’s a boring name for a story of circles within circles that connect us all through time, space, and worship. This story begins with the big circle of the church year calendar. Inside of that we place our worship service, inside that we place part of our baptism story, inside of that goes the Holy Family. When I asked what the most important part was, there were two answers: creation (because none of this would have happened if God had not created everything) and Jesus reaching out to “hug the world.” Afterwards, the children each chose a story to tell or be told by a youth or adult helper. During our Faith Formation Team meeting we talked quite a bit about how meaningful Godly Play has been for our children. They get it.  Adults want more, too!


This week’s 5 minute faith activity can be done anytime, anywhere there is a story. All you need to remember is one simple question to ask, “Where is God in this story?

We modeled this on Sunday with the story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Here were several answers from youth and adults God was in the abundance of food, God was in the beauty, God was in the chrysalis, God is in the butterfly.

If so many connections can be made with a picture book, imagine where else you might find God, just by wondering, “Where is God in this story?” God is in the Bible, of course. But God is also in your story and my story. God is in all kinds of stories (could it be that God is in every story!?). I would love to hear where you find God this week!

For more books that connect well with faith topics, please see my friend Hanna Brown Schock’s blog, Picture Book Theology.

Prayer:  Creator God, thank y ou for being a part of our story. Help us to pay attention to all the places we find you: in nature, in friends, in helping others, and in our own story. Help us to see the way your kin-dom is unfolding around us like the flowers blooming this Spring. Amen.

Special note: Jerome Berryman has released a new book, Stories of God at Home, which includes several Godly Play stories to tell at home as well as information helpful for parents. I’ve got a copy to lend and would be happy to help you locate or make pieces for the stories.

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