Beyond Guilt

Not a week goes by that I don’t see one of the mommy blogger memes in my Facebook feed, urging me to cherish these moments. I appreciate reminders to be aware and attentive, but many of them also come with a hefty side dose of GUILT. Yesterday I told the children that Lent can be a time for picking up good habits. But it is week 5, and I have failed at my goal of putting down my phone more. More GUILT. More failure.

This week, I invite you to join me in putting down guilt and turning toward grace. Grace, according to John Wesley, is the power, gifted to us by the Holy Spirit, to believe, love and serve God. God’s love surrounds us we only need to respond. God works with us to remove all the clutter from our hearts so that it can be filled with love – for God and for others.

This week’s format is a little different. Below is a list of music, video and reflections that invite us to experience grace and let go of guilt.

Psalm 51 song by Shane and Shane: What if having a “clean heart” means decluttering so that it can be filled with love?

This is their childhood: The Sabbath in the Suburbs book ends with a family’s letting go of perfection. What is the relationship between perfection and guilt?

A science video on the means of grace: God’s grace is all around us! So, what is our response? Is it a requirement? Or an opportunity? This one is especially helpful for the 3-5th graders who talked about grace yesterday.

An article on the disease of busyness from On Being.

Lastly, don’t forget to pick up your Holy Week in a Box. Whatever your Lenten practices have been, “Jesus week” offers us a fresh start to focus on the the mystery of Easter.

Prayer (adapted from Psalm 51):

Gracious God, help me declutter my busy heart – clearing out all that gets in the way of loving you, loving those closest to me, loving my neighbor. Put a new faithful Spirit within me. Return me the joy of your salvation.

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