April 25 Edevotional

“Haunted by the presence of God.” I read this from one of my mentors this morning. God is the water that we swim in; the water that takes on our shape as we live out our God-calling in this world. This from our exploration of the film The Shape of Water last Sunday. The fourth Gospel; tales of a Jewish mystic (as Bishop John Shelby Spong writes about the Gospel of John) is where we are reading from in these next Sundays. There are four chapters in John’s story, of Jesus’ discourse to the followers who are filled with fear and anxiety at Jesus’ words of his death and leaving them. Four long chapters filled with metaphors, prayers, poetry, compassion, and teaching about how his death will bring them even more intimacy with God. This Sunday’s piece is from John 15:1 – 11. Using the metaphor of a vine and branches, Jesus tells them to “remain in me as I remain in you,” or “abide in me as I abide in you.” How do we do that? I don’t exactly know except by  paying attention, breathing deeply, living thoughtfully and purposely, and trusting that the life around me and in me is haunted by the presence of God.

Pastor Sherrie

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The Monk of Mokhtar by David Eggers

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