A Blessing for the New Year

On January 6th , the 12th day after Christmas which the Church calls “Epiphany,” we mark the wisepersons’ arrival in Bethlehem to see Jesus. Though the magi are often included in Christmas Eve pageants, Epiphany is an acknowledgement that the magi’s journey would have been far too long to make in one night. The tradition of chalking the door on this day is a way of marking our intention to journey, like the wisepeople, toward God through this new year.

Brief Directions:

  1. Gather your family together at the door to your home.
  2. Using chalk, write “20+C+M+B+18” on your exterior door.
  3. Offer a blessing, “May all who live and visit here know peace, love, joy, and hope.”

For a longer blessing and an explanation of why we write C+M+B, please visit Building Faith.

Have a few more minutes?

Read Matthew 2:1-11, the coming of the magi, and wonder together about their decision to take another route home from Bethlehem to avoid Herod. For older children and teens, discuss how the wisepersons protected Jesus and his family, allowing them to escape as refugees to Egypt. How might this story inform our understanding of current events?

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