What Happens Now? (after Easter Sunday)

Special thanks to this crew who hid hundreds of eggs!

What a wonderful, all ages Easter we enjoyed at NUMC on Sunday! Did you know Easter is a whole season of 7 Sundays? We tell the younger children that the mystery of Easter is sooo big that we cannot celebrate for just one Sunday. This article, 8 Ways to Live the Great Fifty Days of Easter,  has simple, practical ways to keep the celebration going for all 50 days.

Because Jesus was no longer physically present with the disciples, they, and we, have to learn to know Jesus in new ways. “The season of Easter is a transition between Jesus’ earthly ministry and the coming of the Mystery of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit. During this time, the disciples and others began to know Jesus in a new way. Jesus is neither simply human nor simply spiritual. He is completely both in a way that is anything but simple.”

We will be exploring this idea in our Sunday school classes until the end of the school year.

PreK-3 will be hearing the Godly Play lessons, Knowing Jesus in a New Way.

Unpacking the Alleluias on Easter Sunday.

The Tweens class (grades 4-6) will be using the Connect lessons: The Church. The Church is one place that helps us to get to know God.

Youth classes will be learning about knowing Christ through our neighbors, which is Pastor Melissa’s worship theme. This may include a combination of separate youth classes and being a part of worship.

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