What do children think about during worship?

Sitting with children in church is a window to their thoughts. They are paying attention. They understand the stories we share. They are engaged with the imagery of our faith. On Sunday we heard Acts 1: 1-14 where Jesus is taken into heaven. During children’s time, we had a relay (using a beach ball as the “baton”) which reminded us how Jesus passes his ministries of healing, teaching, and compassion on to the disciples, who passed them on and on throughout time. We are now Jesus’ hands and feet, caring for our neighbors, working for justice, and welcoming all. Here a are a few of the things children shared with me as we sat at the front of the sanctuary this week:

  • We followed along with the Bible reading in our children’s Bible. When the reader said the names of the disciples one of the children whispered, “that reminds me of the story about the disciples” and flipped back to the page where Jesus calls the disciples to fish for people. This young person is connecting the texts!
  • Engaging with Bible stories through images and art during worship!

    During Pastor Melissa’s sermon, she talked about witnessing to the love of Jesus Christ in outward growing circles. As she was talking about distance, one of the children was working on a collage of the solar system. Pluto is farther away than we were imagining!

  • At the end of the service, one of the children was staring up at the ceiling. I asked what shape they thought the church was, thinking they might answer boat. Instead, they replied, “A Rainbow!!”  which reminded me of God’s covenant with Noah and NUMC’s extravagant welcome of all people.

Thanks be to God for children in worship!

PS: Stop by my office if you didn’t get a beach ball and prayer on Sunday. I’ve got extras!



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