The Importance of Youth Group:

Cooking together!

by Christine Hides, Director of Ministries with Youth and Children

I recently asked the youth to share why youth group is important to them. The answers were extremely thoughtful! Each response related to connection, learning, and relaxation/ dealing with stress. I’ve shared their answers below along with a few of my thoughts on the importance of youth group.

1) Youth group is a place to take a break:

Fun, good group of people and a nice break from the craziness of school.  – K.

Opportunities to be a part of church, relax, connect with friends. – E.

Youth group is a good way to connect with people and destress. – J.

We play games where winning doesn’t matter, we act silly, make jokes, and take a break from homework. At the beginning of our youth gatherings we share our highs and lows. School stress is by far the most common “low.”  While learning is important, and grades are a measure of that, we all need a break from the pressure. God’s resting on the seventh day of creation reminds us that we, too, need downtime.

2) Youth group is a place to learn about God (and ourselves):

I am able to learn more about God in an environment that is calm and fun. – A.

I learn about Christianity and meet new people. – C.

Share our life moments and learn more about God. – L.

Youth group time is split between play and learning.  Bible scavenger hunts, Scripture pictionary, and Crazy Faith Discussions are a few of the ways we learn about God. As much as possible the learning activities relate to worship and current events so that we have an opportunity to connect faith with real life.  Just as important as learning about the Bible though, is what we learn about our own identities. We are more than our grades and accomplishments. Each and every youth is a complex, unique and gifted child of God.  Youth group offers a place where youth can escape the stress of being measured by numbers and be reminded that they are valued for who they are.

3) Youth group is a place for connection and community:

I am able to connect with people in church and get to know them better. – J.

Be with friends and learn about being Christian. – L.

Talk to people you don’t get to see often in school. – ?

Faith is formed in relationships with God and with each other. Connection happens on Sunday morning during coffee hour, at home around the dinner table, and at youth group. Through caring relationships, we support and encourage each other to love God and serve others. Connections with faithful people of all ages is important!

You are invited to our next youth group on Sundays at 5 p.m. Youth (grades 6-12) meet almost every week. Tweens (4-5th grade) meet monthly on the 3rd Sunday. Please double check the calendar for any schedule changes or special events.

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