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Service or Mission?

A few weeks ago, I asked the youth about mission projects and quickly realized I hadn’t set up the conversation well. I know the care our youth have for all God’s creation including the environment, animals, the elderly, and LGBTQ+ persons.  NUMC youth are deeply caring and passionate people! I was looking forward to a […]

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Does Going to Church Make Us Good People?

Last Sunday, as they often do, the children taught me something new. After we heard the story of Jesus turning over the tables in the temple, I asked how they imagined Jesus felt. “Fierce!” was one reply. Fierce? Hmmm… Yes.  Definitely fierce, I agreed, reminded again that second graders are refreshingly honest and bold.  And […]

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Sunday School Focus: process over product

For Baptism of the Lord Sunday, our PreK-3 class and our 4-5 grade class began making an art project using our initials as we learned about Jesus’s baptism. The watercolor paints remind us of the waters of baptism through which we claim our identity (like our initials) as beloved children of God. This project is […]

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