Sunday School Focus: process over product

See our art hanging in the west hallway!

See our art hanging in the west hallway!

For Baptism of the Lord Sunday, our PreK-3 class and our 4-5 grade class began making an art project using our initials as we learned about Jesus’s baptism. The watercolor paints remind us of the waters of baptism through which we claim our identity (like our initials) as beloved children of God.

This project is a good example of our commitment to nurturing creativity through process-oriented activities. Process-oriented experiences are important to child development:

“The most important rule for guiding children’s art activities is that the process is always more important than the product. “Process” means allowing children to explore art materials with freedom without the pressure to copy a model or stay in the lines. Process is experimenting with paints, watching the mixing colors, and feeling the textures of more or less. Process is gluing various sizes, shapes, and colors of paper together to create a collage. Process is freedom to experiment and enjoy the feeling of creating without being concerned with the outcome or the product. Process is creating something that is uniquely yours and not a copy of someone else’s.”Kathy Hardy, The Alliance for Early Childhood

Our faith journeys are also process-oriented. Responding to God’s love for us, we seek to follow Christ’s teachings to love God and love neighbor. The early Methodist societies, begun by John and Charles Wesley and friends, were designed to encourage members to live more and more faithfully as Christians.

Creating opportunities for open-ended art projects is an expression of our understanding that we, too, are beautiful, often messy, works of art in progress.   Thanks be to God.

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