Summer Faith Formation: Week 1

Registered families will receive the Illustrated Compassion Devotional via email each week. To be added to our mailing list, please contact  David shows kindness to Mephibosheth (that’s a mouthful!) is a story we don’t read often.  Christine’s Parent tip: King David is sometimes lifted as a Bible hero (David and Goliath). The truth is, he did some really horrible things as an adult that we don’t talk about with kids. When children get older and read about the horrible things they begin to question why they were taught he was a hero. When I teach about David in Sunday school I always remind the kids that he is human. I ask, “I wonder if he ever makes mistakes?” This leaves the door open for future questions and discussions.

Compassion Picture Book of the Week: Farmer Will and the Growing Table is about a man who sees the need for fresh food and creates an urban farm with the hope of filling the world’s tables.

Look at our Garden Grow! We planted seeds in late April that have turned into beautiful radishes. Yesterday we planted tomatoes, carrots, beets, and chard in the church garden. Isn’t it amazing how a little seed can turn into something so delicious!

Children’s and Youth Ministry Appreciation Sunday!

Yesterday we gave thanks for all the people who have supported children’s and youth ministry in a variety of ways: teaching, planning, leading, serving, bringing snacks, driving to events, creating games and chaperoning.  Since September of 2016, 43 children and youth have participated in faith formation at NUMC.  There were a total of 66 Sunday school classes, 35 youth group gatherings (including a weekend retreat), a fabulous Christmas pageant written by the children, and three intergenerational events (Pretzel Sunday, Bernie’s Book Bank, and a Lenten potluck). Through worship, Bible study, prayer, and caring relationships, we are all growing in faith! May God bless all those who care for children and youth at NUMC.

Faith Formation at NUMC is moving from a model of youth connected to the church through one youth leader, to a networked model where adults and youth are connected to God, caring adults, and to one another through authentic relationships. Together we engage in faith forming practices: Intergenerational relationships, learning the Bible & Christian traditions, celebrating the church seasons, serving the needy, prayer & spiritual disciplines, worshiping together, and marking life milestones (baptism, confirmation, birthdays, graduations, jobs, etc.). In this faith community, we see God working through and within these essential relationships. This community needs you to be a part of our network!  Email to find out how to get involved!

  Faith Forming Practices

The practices on this graphic were identified by 

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