Service and Missions


We—Northern Illinois Justice for Our Neighbors and the entire Justice for Our Neighbors network—are extremely dismayed by President Trump’s cruel decision to revoke Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, on behalf of the entire Trump Administration, announced yesterday morning that he will end DACA by March 5th, 2018, essentially giving Congress six months to take action on DACA and pass legislation.

This decision will not only affect the 800,000 young people currently with DACA status, but many more DACA-eligible people whose applications filed after today will not be considered.

DACA recipients are not only our clients, but our board members, staff, partners, friends, and family. Our future is intertwined with theirs, our country and lives enriched by their many contributions. We stand in full solidarity with immigrants and our allies and will lift our voices unequivocally in opposition to this decision and in full support of the Dream Act of 2017.

In the meantime, our attorneys will identify any other avenues of relief for clients with DACA and help these individuals to apply for immigration benefits. We will stand together and fight for justice!

Here is what you can do now:

Call your Representatives.

Tell Congress to enact the Dream Act of 2017 and protect immigrant youth. Use this call-in script and information provided by the Interfaith Immigration Coalition.

Support the work of NIJFON.

We have 112 DACA clients whom we will help renew their work permits, if they are eligible and pursue other avenues of relief where possible. Please donate

NUMC Missions

Each of us is called by God to be God’s hands and feet out in our communities sharing love with our neighbors, especially those in need. At Northbrook UMC we strive to find ways to glorify God through our service with others.

We have much to celebrate as we reflect on our active missions ministry at NUMC. Several of our members serve regularly at Feed My Starving Children, Hilda’s Place Soup Kitchen, Connections for the Homeless clothing closet, Interfaith House, Inspiration Cafe, and Bernie’s Book Bank. Several others tutor, serve on non-profit boards and participate in civic organizations like Rotary. We at Northbrook UMC enjoy using our gifts and passions to serve others.

The focus for our Missions Program at NUMC is to be hands-on and engage as much as possible directly with the people were are supporting.  We also combine with our North Shore Missions Cluster Group made up of 3 other United Methodist Churches to be able to do larger scope projects such as our annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Day.

If you have a missions project or idea you’d like to share, feel free to contact our Missions Chairpersons, Sharon Noha and Colleen Yudell.


Martin Luther King Day
January 15, 2018


Thank you for helping to make our 10th annual MLK Day a successful one!  We had over 200 volunteers across 13 different projects. Our volunteer’s hard work blessed our community and beyond with the following:

* Cooked and served lunch and played bingo for prizes with the 65 residents at The Boulevard in Humboldt Park.

*Sorted and packed books for needy Chicago area children at Bernie’s Book Bank in Lake Bluff

*Packed 22,464 nutrious meals for kids in Swaziland with our shift at Feed My Starving Children in Schaumbur

*Sorted and packed books for schools and libraries in Tanzania and Uganda at Bookfriends in Wauconda

*Made 16 paracord emergency bracelets for our service men and women

*Painted 24 flower pots planted with tulip bulbs for people in our community needing hope and good cheer

*Made over 400 dog biscuits for Ophans of the Storm

*Colored 32 placements  for the elderly served by Meals on Wheel

*Decorated and filled 26 gift bags for abused women and their children at Mary Lou’s Place in Evanston

*Colored a beautiful outdoor banner created by artist Nicole Farley featuring Martin Luther King’s famous quotation, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question, What are you doing for others?”

*Made 8 Linus Blankets providing comfort to children when they need it most

*Sorted donated clothing for Wings Resale Shop supporting families fleeing from domestic violence

*(Cub Scouts) Prepared 150+ lunches and an additional 150+ sandwiches for The Night Ministry in Chicago


Special thanks for several people who helped with the service and/or supported a project:  Sherrie Lowly, Christine Hides, Linda Nixon, Karen Wells, Christie Grumbach, Jane Hanson, Julie Gidaspow, Glen Hamrick, and Alice Lonoff.

Martin Luther King Day

January 21, 2019

Information will be posted by the beginning of January 2019.
Put it on your calendar now!