September 4 Edevotional

How deep is your spiritual well? Is it half empty or half full? And how deep into your being does it reach?
I like the metaphor of a well for the spiritual life. It brings to mind one of my favorite stories from the Gospel of John where Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at the well. The well was a spiritual place in Jesus’ day, and perhaps in some parts of our world today too. I don’t know why the work of drawing water for the household is relegated to women. The metaphor of the spiritual life of men may be a different one…or, the same. It was where this particular woman came alone to draw water that day. She is a lonely person, an outlier. Someone people gossip about. Hard luck in her life. A seeker of a friend. Her spiritual well run dry. She doesn’t need much water, just one jar, a cup, even a drop would do. Jesus is sitting at the well when she arrives. He asks her for a cup of water.
Why does it seem that Jesus asks me for something, when he is the one who has what I need? “God does not give you more than you can handle,” is what people say at a time of tragedy or hurt. I could not believe that it is true. This woman is shocked that Jesus asks her for a drink. She has nothing to give him. The gap of prejudice and privilege is too wide between them. She is empty. And that is exactly what Jesus helps her to see. Yes. She has been given too much for her to handle. Husbands dying or leaving her. She is alone. Surviving. Managing on her own. Just barely. “Jesus, you should be giving me water.” Yes, God does give us more than we can handle. Life gives us more than we can handle. If we can come to the well realizing that. If we can see and feel how dry our well has become, we may just come to the source of all living water–the exactly right place to be filled.
Today, I think I need to dig my well even a little deeper. I need to experience more thirst, more things than I can handle on my own. Jesus asks me to give a little more and I just do not have it. “If you knew who was asking you for a cup of water, you would ask him for some of the living water that is pouring out of him, and it would be given to you. A well of water gushing up, continuously, abundantly.”
How deep is your spiritual well? How is it with your soul?
Pastor Sherrie Lowly
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