September 20 Edevotional

“They said to Moses, ‘Was it because there were no graves in Egypt that you have taken us away to die in the wilderness?'”  Exodus 14:11
          The desert, the wilderness, plays a huge part in the stories from our Scriptures and in the history of people of faith.  In the Scripture story we focused on last Sunday in our worshp, the people called the Israelites are led by Moses out of Egypt where they were suffering under an oppressive regime.  The people are led out of slavery and into the wilderness and it is not a place they are happy to go.
          I am thinking about the wilderness and finding home even in the wilderness.  I remember the time when a small group from the church I was serving traveled to St. Charles, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.  Our group was assigned  by the UMCOR volunteer coordinator there to work on an elderly woman’s mobile home that was badly damaged by the storm.  We never met the owner of the home, but we worked hard on that small trailer, washing, painting, tearing out insulation, putting in new insulation and ceiling tiles.  One of our group voiced what each of us had probably thought at one time during those hot, humid, hardworking days:  “Why don’t we just gather together donations and finance this woman with a new mobile home, rather than work so hard on fixing this one?”
          The volunteer coordinator back at the site where we slept and ate our morning and evening meals, gently corrected our thinking.  “That trailer is this woman’s home.  She doesn’t want a new home.  She needs her home.”
          My wilderness may not be the same as yours.  Where I find home may be different from where you find home.  But thank God that we are on the journey together and that God hears our cries and continues to lead us.
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Sunday, September 24
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