Seeking Light: December 20 E-Devotional

This third week of Advent, the days are shortest and the nights longest. The sparkling Christmas lights and the glittery decorations contrast starkly with both the literal and metaphorical darkness we experience. Writer Glennon Doyle describes such contrasting experiences as “brutiful”- a combination of brutal and beautiful.

I find the Old Testament a bit “brutiful.” It takes a bit of work to understand.  The Old Testament can make us feel we must give up scientific understanding or accept a vengeful interpretation of God. We don’t. But, it takes study and a willingness to delve in. During Advent we read from the book of Isaiah, a collection of writings spanning the exile from Jerusalem and return- centuries of chaos and uncertainty. Throughout Isaiah, the prophets bring a God’s message of justice. In this week’s reading, Isaiah 61:1-4, and 8-11, we hear that God loves justice, brings good news to the poor, heals the brokenhearted, frees those in captivity, liberates the prisoners and comforts the mourners.

If you are seeking light in the darkness, the justice-loving God that is coming in Christ, you may enjoy the video below. You are also invited to Thursday’s Longest Night Service, a time of healing and contemplation. We will gather in the church at 7 p.m. I expect it will be brutiful.

Grace and peace,

Christine Hides- Dir. of Ministries with Children and Youth


Christmas Services, Sunday, December 20
10:00 am  Regular Sunday Worship
4:00 pm   Candlelight Family Friendly worship
10:00 pm  Reflective service with Communion

Merry Christmas and a safe and Joyous New Year to all

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