Rejoicing in the Water: Five Minute Faith

This week in church, we played in the water, sprinkling and splashing ourselves, joyfully experiencing our beloved-ness, remembering God’s love and grace present through the baptismal covenant. In this week’s activity you are invited to explore the mystery and the significance of baptism together. 


  • Have each person select an image of water that reminds them of God from this  Water Images – Five Min Faith document or an internet search.
  • Share the stories of your baptism. Parents may tell the story for children who were baptized as infants. Talk about the ways people from your church, sponsors, and God parents nurture you on your faith journey.  If members of your family are not baptized, you may imagine what your baptism will be like or talk about your decision not to be baptized.
  • Take turns sharing about the photos chosen earlier. How does the image you chose remind you of God?
  • Close with a blessing: May the blessing of God, fountain of living water Flow within us as a river of life. May we drink deep of her wisdom. May we never thirst again. May we go through life refreshing many, as a sign of healing for all; Through the One who is Life eternal. Amen -from the United Methodist Book of Worship, #564.

Have more time?

For tweens and teens: Read about Jesus’ baptism in Mark 1:4-11. Wonder together about this passage. What stands out to you? What questions do you have? Why is this passage important?

For younger children: The 9-minute Godly Play story of Baptism reminds us that in baptism, we receive the light. Watch the video together and light a candle for each member of your family.

What is baptism?

(a more thorough explanation can be found at There are a variety of baptismal understandings in the Christian tradition. United Methodists understand baptism as a covenant with God, a sacrament, and an experience of God’s love and grace. Through baptism, the individual, no matter the age:

  • Becomes part of the church, which promises to nurture and support them throughout their faith journey.
  • Takes on a new identity, or new life, in Christ.
  • Is “incorporated into God’s mighty acts of salvation,” meaning that the baptized person, empowered by the Holy Spirit, becomes part of God’s vision for the world, using their gifts and service to transform the world.
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