October 4 Edevotional

“Is the Lord among us, or not?” Exodus 17:7b

Certainly, I have asked this question and have heard others ask this question, especially of late. When all that comprises a safety net, an assurance of care and compassion, a structure, an organization to our society and community is being broken down, then, I question, “Is the Lord among us, or not?” Legal and safe gun laws, Medicaid for the least of us, basic healthcare for all of us, safety on our streets, structures of care when disaster strikes, refuge for those escaping the ravages of war or a search for a better job and a better education for our children, each of these strands are woven into a safety net put in place by communities of care. Where is the Lord in our safety net? Is God being ripped away too, along with each of the other strands that are frayed or no longer there? It’s so tempting to look back as our ancestors in the faith did as they traveled in the wilderness. Those were better days, we tell each other. Let’s get back there. But where is God, here-and-now, among us in this wilderness? Our growing wilderness theology shows us the impossibility of refreshment and safety coming out of a rock! What we thought was dead, a broken piece of nothing, hard, un-giving, becomes a source of life. And there is God. Tell me, where is your hope and refreshment coming from? Where are you finding God? Keep our hearts, ears, minds, and eyes open. Amen.

Pastor Sherrie Lowly


Sunday, October 8
Youth trip to Richardson’s Corn Maze
Contact Christine Hides at  christine@northbrookumc.org

Youth Forum
October 16th
Youth Stress in Northbrook:
Stories, Conversaion and Information
7:00-8:30pm   Free
Northbrook Public Library
Sponsored by the Northbrook Youth Commission

Book Club
October 18   7:00pm
At the Metzler home
Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger

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