May 8 Edevotional

You are the light of the world. There is no more astonishing verse than that. We are focusing on Mary Oliver’s poem, Sometimes, with the lines, “Instructions for living a life, Pay Attention, Be Astonished, Tell About It.” In Jesus’ appearances to the disciples post-resurrection, he is calling, cajoling, walking with, feeding, showing wounds, being the stranger, being vulnerable, passing on the light, showing us it is our light to carry on now. It has been ours from the very beginning of our story with God speaking, “Let there be light,” the Spirit hovering over, and the light of Christ rushing in to make it so. You carry the light, you were created in this light, and the darkness will not overcome it. The darkness will not overcome it. That is our hope. That is our belief. Carrying our light into the world is ours to do. Jesus needs us to be the light. He showed the way. “Do you love me, Peter?” he asks three times. “Then love these people.” We can be the noisiest gong, and the clangiest cymbal, the loudest, most powerful, most successful, and if we have not the light of love, we are nothing.
Love the ones you are with today. Image the light of God shining in them. Even the noisiest gong who gets on your nerves. There is light there. There is light shining in the teenager who has a gun and shoots his classmates. There is light in the United Methodist pastor who says we do welcome LGBTQ persons into our church, but we will not officiate a wedding for them, nor will we recognize and ordain their gifts for ministry. There is light in the person who tells me, “I am not racist, but I do not want that family to move into our neighborhood, because the value of this property that I have put my life earnings into, will go down.”
Listen. Pay Attention. Be Astonished. Tell About It. You are the light of the world.   Pastor Sherrie
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