May 2 Edevotional

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.”
I’m thinking about love today. I read two things in social media early this morning. One is a daily article from the Center for Action and Contemplation where Fr. Richard Rohr is Director and Teacher. In today’s article author and teacher, Cynthia Bourgeault, writes in a sermon given at her daughter’s wedding:

Love remains and deepens, but its form changes. Or, more accurately, it renews itself in a different way. Less and less does it draw its waters from the old springs of romance, and you should not worry if over time these dimensions fade or are seen less frequently. More and more, love draws its replenishment from love itself: from the practice of conscious love, expressed in your mutual servanthood to one another. . . .

The other piece I read is from Rev. Anna Blaedel, a colleague in the United Methodist Church:

This is not a love letter to the United Methodist Church. I do love the UMC, or rather I love the best of its connectional legacy, history, tradition, and witness. I love that its roots reflect a commitment to folk theology, theology of real folk, and an acknowledgment that faithful living is always a meeting of personal piety and social holiness, spiritual practice and systemic change. In spite of myself, in spite of living the last two years under almost constant complaint and judicial review, in spite of the UMC’s policies and practices that inflict and endorse spiritual, emotional, and physical violences against queer and trans lives and love, I confess: I do feel a deep and complicated love for the UMC. But. And. I will no longer write love letters to a church that continues to persecute and prosecute LGBTQ beloveds for telling the truth about our lives and loves.

Does love endure hardship? Yes. Does mutual servant hood love endure abuse? No. That is when mutuality is undone and courageous love is called for.

Pastor Sherrie

Graduation Sunday, May 6,  10:00 am
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