May 16 Edevotional

Pentecost is my favorite church holy day. It is the day of pure celebration. Grief is laid aside. Questions and doubts forgotten. Worries and anxieties about where we are going and what we are going to do are turned into a dance of surprise when we realize that the Holy Spirit is mightily at work and we are free. We are free at last, free to be all that we are meant to be, together, in community. It’s the day of miracles. Miracles of hearing, listening, understanding each other, beyond our differences. Miracles of hearts being softened where it seemed that it could never be. Miracles of hearts being set ablaze with love and passion for the other where it seemed that there was only heaviness and fear. We need, I need a mighty wind of the Holy Spirit!¬† Are you ready?


Last two choir events:
Sunday, May 20 – Chimes
Sunday, May 27 – last choir sing
No practice this week, last practice May 24

Next Book Club – May 23
Reading: Behold the Dreamers

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