May 15 Edevotional

Are you giving up on trying something new in your life? Are you hiding from taking a risk? Are we, as a church hiding our voice, our talent? Are we waiting for someone else to make the first step? Will we follow Jesus? I heard a sermon on the Parable of the Talents at the Preaching Festival I’m attending. You remember the parable? The master who distributed talents to the servants before he left on his travels. To one servant he gave five, to one three, and to another one. When the master returned after a long time, he called the servants to give an account of what they had done with their talents. The servant who had been given five reports that she made five more. The servant who had been given three also doubled their given talents. The person who had been given one, said that she had dug a hole in the ground to hide her talent because she was afraid.
This Easter season I continue to be struck by Jesus’ encounters with his students and friends after his resurrection and before his ascension. What I’m especially hearing is the urgency with which Jesus is showing, telling, cajoling the followers that they are now partners in the work. That their relationship has changed. They are one with God in the same way that Jesus is one with God. “I’m going to my God and to your God,” Jesus tells Mary in the garden of tombs. Jesus keeps inviting his friends out and into a covenant relationship of love. That covenant of love keeps calling me out, out into the open, out into the most astonishing places and with the most astonishing people I’m to embrace and love and speak out for.
You and I, we are called into such a great and powerful relationship of complete love. A love that keeps opening up, keeps showing me more of myself than I ever thought or could imagine that I am. I can’t hide. I cannot hold on to fear when I open myself to the love that Jesus shares with God and Holy Spirit. There is no more just waiting and wondering, There is only finding out, taking risks, moving forward. I love you. Thanks for being with me.
Pastor Sherrie Lowly
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