March 21 Edevotional

This last week of Lent and I’m thinking quite a bit about peace, the peace of God that passes all understanding. Peace does not come easily, neither in my own heart, in relationship with my neighbors, within our United Methodist Church, nor in relationships between states or nations. Though we can only begin, and perhaps only end, with our own hearts. I often carry an uneasiness in my heart. I describe it alternately as anger, as disconnection, tiredness, grief, and guilt. I’ve talked about those things in our Lenten series, Sabbath as Resistance. I/we want a Sabbath’s rest from the lack of peace. Maybe turning off our electronic devices for a day; not listening or reading advertisements or engaging in exchange of money for a day; rather, sharing a good meal with friends; reading a book; playing games with our children. Can we fill up a Sabbath day with these things? Will they bring peace? There are glimpses of God’s gift of peace. We commit to continue searching and learning together.



Holy Thursday Taizé Service:  Thursday, March 29   6:30 pm
Good Friday Tenebrae Service:  Friday, March 30   6:30 pm
Easter Sunday:  Sunday, April 1
Breakfast 8:15 am
Worship 10:00 am
Followed by Fellowship and Easter Egg Hunt

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