Letting Christ’s light out into the World

By Alice Lonoff

When the designers of our new Chancel area told us a few years ago that there would be a screen between the windows and the Sanctuary, I was not pleased.  Our windows are already small, and we would be putting them behind a screen?  How would that work?
But now I enjoy showing a visitor our sanctuary.  I like to start at the back and ask the person to look at the stained glass windows at the front.  We talk about how the ones covered by the white screen are brighter and larger than the ones at the top of the Chancel wall that are not covered by a screen.

It is surprising and startling to think that by covering the wall, and putting a short tunnel between the windows and the Sanctuary, the windows become larger and brighter.
After looking at things from the back of the Sanctuary, I bring the visitor to the front to see all of the mirrors lining the little tunnels.  The mirrors almost double the size of each small stained glass window and make it brighter with all of the light bouncing back and forth and out to us sitting in the pew seats.

I was thinking about all of this on recent Sundays when Pastor Melissa has asked us to take Christ’s light out into the world.  We have a choice of being like the windows at the top, receiving the light, but not then moving it out further.  Or we can be like the windows that are lined by the mirrors. . . .we can be the mirrors that reflect Christ’s love out to the world.

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