Lent Week 2: Resisting Worry. Standing for Gratitude.

This second week of Lent, we are resisting worry and standing for gratitude in our series, Sabbath as Gift. Many parents are weary. Tired. Worried. Our family lives are busy. The news is filled with tragedy. We worry about everything from what to make for dinner to the safety of our children. Is the light of your spiritual tank glowing an urgent yellow? Our kids worry, too, about tests and grades, friends and loved ones, and getting hurt. This week you are invited to practice resisting worry through Sabbath practices. Even if you only have one minute, there are ways to resist worry and nurture gratitude for what good things God is doing.


As a family, talk about those things that you are worried about. Read Matthew 6:25-34. Why does Jesus say we do not need to worry? What helps you to let go of worry? Together, name the ways the needs you have that have been met today: food, water, clothing, shelter, love. You might find a worry stone or create a worry knot.


Sabbath and mindfulness cultivate inner peace, well-being and gratitude. Here are a few resources to help your family get started:

Fill your tank with thirty activities that can be done in 1,3, or 5 minutes, from author Traci Smith

Seven days of free gratitude meditations from Calm.com

Have each family member name 3 things they are thankful for before dinner or bedtime.

Create a gratitude box.

Let go of worry and negativity with this balloon imagery.


Try a silent body prayer. Raise your hands over your head, forming a container to receive the Spirit. Bring your hands to your chest, embracing the Spirit. Release the Spirit with open hands. Michael Borg demonstrates this prayer in a video.

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