Learning in the Office

A few weeks ago, we received information about a website host that we could participate in a month- long challenge of learning. Every few days I received another challenge. Those challenges included posting to Facebook, posting something different to our website, learning new graphics and how to use and change them properly, posting video to our current website and most importantly sitting together and prioritizing our needs for social and print media and how best to use what is available.

I have learned so much, not only from Christine (my website guru) but from experimenting in ways that used to frighten me. I often used to say: “Click that button? Won’t that negatively affect something?”’ But not now. Now I experiment much more.

When I began this, the prize at the end for the “winner” (what constitutes that, I don’t know), was lifetime hosting of our website, continual help and advice and an Amazon gift card for the church. It is no longer about that. It is now about how can I make things look better on the website and social media to help the church grown in both programming and new members.
So, if you notice things look different, that just may be me, making things look better for you. Check out the video on the “Visit Northbrook UMC” page.
Helayne Levin

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