June 7 Edevotional

Recently, at the Memorial Service held at the Annual Conference session for our Northern Illinois Conference, we were asked to write a message that we remember hearing from one of our saints who has gone before us and is cheering us on in our faith. I remembered and wrote down the message from my friend and mentor, “There is a third way.” My friend used that phrase a lot. Like the wonderful mentor that she was, I never knew entirely what she meant by it. Joyce’s teachings come back to me with new meaning for new circumstances. In the midst of the business and legislation of the United Methodist church, “There is a third way,” means for me, that God’s Spirit reveals an option that may not be apparent in the midst of either/or, split or unity, tradition or progression. Come Holy Spirit, give us vision and hearing. There is a third way. What might that mean for you today? What word or phrase do you hear from one of your saints?



Saturday June 9 – Church Clean Up Day
Join us from 9 am to noon as we spruce up
our building.  You can work for as long or
as little as you like and choose any job you like.
Hope to see lots of you there.  Sponsored by the Trustees

Sunday June 10 – Special Church Vote
We will be taking a vote on the use of the land sale
monies for several important and immediate
capital issues in the building.  Please come and
express your opinion by voting.  11:00 am after services.

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