July 25 Edevotional

This Sunday we begin a worship series around the theme of “Bread.” I am the bread of life; Bread for the World; Everyone who eats this bread will never be hungry. Bread becomes very important in our Scriptures, as an image, a metaphor, a reality, a symbol. I used to make bread. I loved the entire process. “Proofing” the yeast; kneading the dough; watching it rise; shaping it and baking it; smelling it and eating it. I baked a lot of bread the year that Tim and I lived in South Korea. Bread was a little harder to come by there; rice being the staple of choice. There is a book of poetry by the Korean poet, Kim Chi Ha, titled “Rice is God.” Bread is God could be the theme for our worship series. God is the staple of our lives; made real in the baking, cooking, breaking, and sharing. Savor a good slice of bread today or bake a loaf or two. Know the connection with each other as you experience the ingredients coming together. Know the connection with God as you taste and see that God is good bread.  Pastor Sherrie



The mom’s group continues through the summer on
Monday nights at the home of Erin Gosser.  This is
a time for mom’s to be together without children.
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm


RAIN MEETING (Racial Awareness in the North Shore)
Rain will meet again on August 7 at 6:30 to plan upcoming
events.  RAIN meets at the Northbrook Public Library.


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