July 18 Edevotional

“I look to the church to remember that what the individual believes does not make a Christian, but baptism into a Christ-gathered community shaped by shared practices, among which is the practice of welcoming strangers.” (Brian Volck, “Silent Communion: The Prophetic Witness of the Profoundly Disabled”)

I am pondering more on Lydia, the first Christian on the continent of Europe. Lydia’s first act of discipleship after receiving Paul’s of the living Christ, is hospitality, prevailing upon Paul and his group to come stay at her home. The word “prevail” being the same word used in the story of the disciples walking to their home in Emmaus after Jesus’ execution. A stranger joins them, and when they arrive to their home they “prevail” upon the stranger to stay and share a meal with them. It is in this act of hospitality that the Spirit reveals to them who the stranger truly is.

Where is the risen Christ going to show up today? Will I/we be ready to welcome the strange and the stranger?



Saturday, July 21, 9:30 am

Our new “moms group” will meet at the Gosser home this Monday,
from 7:00 to 8:30pm.  This is a time for moms to be together without kids.

The pantry is always looking for non-perishable foods.  This food pantry
that we support has over 600 registered families who utilize their assistance every month.
Help us help the pantry, fill our shelves to help others.
Most-Needed Items in July and August are the following:
Canned Peas & Mixed Vegetables, Boxed Cereal, Coffee, Personal Hygiene Items,
Cleaning Supplies, Diapers (any size), 100% Bottled Juice and Juice Boxes

The Lowly family will be on vacation from
Sunday July 29 to Saturday August 11
Please call the office if you need clergy assistance.

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