Guiding Star Word: Five Minute Faith

For those who follow the lectionary (yearly schedule of Bible readings), January 6 is both Epiphany and Baptism of the Lord Sunday. At Northbrook UMC, we didn’t want to miss out on either of these celebrations, so we’ll push back Baptism of the Lord to next week, January 13. The Epiphany activity below focuses on following your guiding star, like the Magi, or wisepeople.

Inspired by Kristen at, you are invited to search for a  Star Word  for the year. She writes that in the early church people sought out spiritual leaders  to ask for a word of focus for their life and prayer. The thing about Star Words is that they are a gift, not something you choose for yourself. Sometimes to receive this kind of gift you need to be still and the word will come to you. Maybe the word will come from a family member.


  1. Collect pens, markers, crayons and print out the Star Word Template. You may choose to make individual stars for each family member, or one star with everyone’s word written on it.
  2. Gather your family together at the table and explain the idea of listening for a word that will help you come close to God this year. Leave one section of your star blank for your star word(s) in.
  3. Mindfully color or decorate your star as you listen for your word. The star word may come to you in the stillness of coloring or from a family member. Your feelings will help you to know if the right word has come to you. The word may not come to you while you are at the table. That’s ok. Leave the space blank until you have received the gift.
  4. Hang the stars in a visible  place to remind you of your focus for the year.
  5. End with a blessing:  May the peace of God live within us, the love of God surround us, and the wisdom of God guide us.


Author Traci Smith has a version of this activity for families with younger children or those who would like a list of possible words.

Note about the photo:

These were made by my teen daughters and I. Zentangles provide good inspiration for intricate designs (but they do take 15, rather than 5), minutes.


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