First Sundays with Children and Youth

First Sundays are the most faith forming Sundays of the month at NUMC! On first Sundays all ages worship together and share Holy Communion. Worshiping together, even when it seems playful or noisy or messy, is serious work. In fact, it is likely the single most important thing we do to nurture the faith of our children and youth. You can read more about Why We Worship Together in this previous post.

The Parable of the Mustard Seed (Mark 4: 31 & 32)

This week we will be doing an interactive retelling of the Parable of the Mustard Seed during church. For children, we will have worship bags, the interactive retelling, and an activity at the front of the room to help them engage with the Bible story. The nursery will be open for parents of babies and toddlers who choose. All ages are always welcome in worship!

Jesus used parables as teaching tools. One of the questions that parables answer is, “What is the kingdom of God (or heaven) like?” This very question came up at Sunday’s youth group for 6-12th grades during our “Crazy Faith” discussion. Crazy Faith is a longtime, NUMC youth tradition where any faith-related question can be added to the jar. We select one question from the jar and then take turns asking questions that relate to the original question. Sunday went something like this:

Is heaven real?

How do you define heaven?

What are the alternatives to heaven?

Do you have to die to experience heaven?

Amazing questions, right? After the questions have been exhausted, we discuss the answers we might find by using Scripture, reason, tradition and experience (often called the Wesleyan quadrilateral). During our discussion, we realized that the parables of Jesus offer many opportunities to imagine what heaven is like. Which is to say, the youth will find Sunday’s worship service very relevant!

Children and Communion:

This Sunday is also a Communion Sunday. Children, youth and guests are welcome to take Communion. More about that can be found on the new FAQ page of our website.

Prayer of the Week:

Follow us on Facebook for a weekly, interactive prayer idea for families to try at home. This week’s prayer is a Doodle Prayer:

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