February 21 Edevotional

The God of the Universe models observing a Sabbath in our story of Creation! Amazing. The God of the Universe, of all that is, commands us over and over to remember the Sabbath and to keep it holy, sacred, set apart. I am learning that it is in keeping that holy sphere of inactivity, that is where I experience compassion, where my heart can become softer. It is not easy to hold myself, all others, with the earth in a place of compassion. I find myself so quickly separating out the “good” from the “bad,” the people and places worthy of my compassion and those that I cast aside. I’ll never forget my good friend’s story of compassion. When she was still living in the city of Chicago in a Chicago bungalow with alleyways running in the back of the house and garage. Chicago alleyways in the winter when there has been a lot of snow are a thing to behold, with deep ruts, ice and space for only one car and hardly that. One winter day my friend was in her house and heard a lot of commotion in her back alleyway. She went out on her back porch to check what was going on. There was a taxi driver, a gentleman of color, his taxi cab hopelessly stuck in a rut. Another gentleman with obviously much more privilege was stuck behind the taxi trying to make his way through the alley. Both men were out of their cars and there was a lot of yelling happening. At one moment the taxi driver caught my friend’s gaze and threw up his hands in despair. In that moment, my friend felt a surge of compassion for the driver, of oneness in their humanity.

Our world is in need of compassion. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.  Pastor Sherrie



Special Church Conference
March 4 at 11:00 am, immediately following worship
We will vote to use 2018 distributable endowment funds
for the general church budget

Leaders of the church will  be sending a letter to the Board of Education in School District 225, stating we feel it is important to support a policy that is totally inclusive of all students in the district.  This letter will be set out on the cabinet in the front entrance of the church until Friday if you would like to stop in and sign it.  If you cannot do that but are in support, please make a statement of support in an email to office@northbrookumc.org.  All you need to say is you are in support.  If you are not in support or are not sure, you need do nothing.  Thank you.
Letter in Support of new Transgender Policy
We the undersigned worship with the Northbrook United Methodist Church.  Our faith and belief in the sacred worth of all human beings compels us to support a policy that upholds the basic human rights and civil rights of all students at the Glenbrook High Schools.
Accordingly, we support the newly adopted Transgender Policy of District 225 that will allow each student to use the bathroom of their consistently expressed gender identity.  We understand that this policy is formalizing what has already been in common practice at both high schools.
We feel the new policy is a good first step, although it does not yet address the needs of students who do not fit neatly into the category of male or female.  We are committed to a world in which each student is free to express their gender identity and have school policies that support them.

​Pastor Sherrie Lowly and Alice Lonoff


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