Faith Formation has Begun! Notes from October 8th

Sunday mornings at NUMC are about community, worship, and growing in our faith. We hope that families will practice faith throughout the week. Here are some ways to continue these important, faith-forming conversations at home:

PreK-2nd Grades – The Ten Best Ways:

Yesterday we heard the story of the 10 Best Ways to Live (or Ten Commandments). Take time to watch this video and wonder together: I wonder, is one of the 10 best ways the most important? I wonder, do we need all ten commandments? Are there some we could leave out?

If you would like to remember all 10 Commandments, this finger play is very helpful!

 3-5th Grades – The Bible is a Library of Different Types of Literature:

This was the first Sunday of our six week Learning to Use the Bible unit. Thanks for brining your Bibles!! We learned about the different types of literature in the Bible and marked them with sticky tables: pink=law, orange=history, yellow=poetry and wisdom, green= prophets, blue=Gospel,  purple=letters. Knowing that there are different types of literature helps us to take the Bible seriously, even though we don’t interpret it literally.

Spend time at home talking about the different genres (the table of contents in the front of the Deep Blue Bibles has this listed). At home, do you sort your books by literature type? Why or why not? Do you figure out the genre before you begin reading? How might this help you read?

Youth 6-12th– Our Identity as Christians:

Last night sixteen youth and four adults had a wonderful evening at the Richardson Corn Maze. Thanks to Phaedra, Michael, and Chris U for driving and providing snacks!

Don’t forget! Sunday begins our first of our four-week Sunday morning study, I Am. This study was chosen by the youth during youth group. “Discovering and embracing one’s identity has proven to be a long, lonely, rough, and at times, dangerous road for today’s teenagers. The I Am study is not a quick fix for your teenagers’ needs. It is a handcrafted tool that, when used by compassionate, caring, and committed adults, will ignite their imagination and excitement for whom their Creator says they are and the purpose for which they were designed.” To help youth manage challenging schedules, we are offering focused units twice this school year. Try to make all four of the I AM classes! Our youth Faith Formation (Sunday school) schedule:

October 15: I am a child of God.

October 22:  I am a disciple.

October 29 : Retreat

November 5: Communion

November 12: I am a servant.

November 19: I am called.


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