Faith Formation Begins October 8

September all ages worship has been wonder-filled! I have enjoyed sitting with the children up front during worship. This past Sunday many of them sang along to the hymn, “hush, hush hallelujah hallelujah.” They used wooden figures to tell the story as the Exodus 17 passage, water from a rock was read. They truly are engaging with what is going on in worship, even though it may not always look like it! Children are a vital and important part of our community.

Now that schedules have settled just a little (well, hopefully), we will begin our Faith formation classes this Sunday, October 8 for PreK-5th grade. Youth will begin October 15th.

Some important notes:

  1. 3-5th grade, please bring your Bibles with you to class from October 8- November 19th. We’ll be using them every week, marking them, getting to know them, and why the Bible is important.
  2. PreK-2 will begin our Godly Play class this week with the story “The Ten Best Ways to Live.” To learn more about Godly Play, please watch this video:
  3. Registration forms are due before faith formation classes begin. Download the registration form here.

Parents, are you wondering how to understand and interpret Bible content in a non-literal way? I will be piloting an online 45 minute per week class in the evenings, if we have interest. The four sessions will explore where the Bible came from, the different genres, the major themes, and interpretation. You can participate from the comfort of your home, after the kids have gone to bed, at 8 p.m. on a weekday of our choosing. Contact

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