Lenten Study and Reflection

What do you stand for?  What are your Convictions?  The late author and theologian, Marcus J. Borg, wrote the book Convictions:  How I learned What Matters Most, when he was seventy years old.  Reflecting on his life and how he developed his most bedrock convictions and why they matter, the result is a manifesto for all progressive Christians who seek the best path for following Jesus today.

Each chapter will guide our study and reflection during the six weeks of Lent:
God is Real and a Mystery
Salvation is More About This Life Than an Afterlife
The Bible Can Be True Without Being Literally True
Jesus’ Death On The Cross Matters – But Not Because He Paid For Our Sins
God is Passionate About Justice and the Poor
To Love God is to Love Like God

Please help us determine the best time and day for this study by calling the office or Pastor Sherrie with your preference:
Monday at 7:00 pm
Wednesday at 10:00 am
Wednesday at 7:00 pm
Saturday am
Sunday pm