Learning in the Office

A few weeks ago, we received information about a website host that we could participate in a month- long challenge of learning. Every few days I received another challenge. Those challenges included posting to Facebook, posting something different to our website, learning new graphics and how to use and change them properly, posting video to […]

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Seeking Light: December 20 E-Devotional

This third week of Advent, the days are shortest and the nights longest. The sparkling Christmas lights and the glittery decorations contrast starkly with both the literal and metaphorical darkness we experience. Writer Glennon Doyle describes such contrasting experiences as “brutiful”- a combination of brutal and beautiful. I find the Old Testament a bit “brutiful.” […]

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December 13 Edevotional

MAKING ROOM, ADVENT TWO “Comfort, comfort my people! says your God. Speak compassionately to Jerusalem, and proclaim to her that her compulsory service has ended, that her penalty has been paid, that she has received from the Lord’s hand double for all her sins! A voice is crying out: “Clear the Lord’s way in the […]

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