Letting Christ’s light out into the World

By Alice Lonoff When the designers of our new Chancel area told us a few years ago that there would be a screen between the windows and the Sanctuary, I was not pleased.  Our windows are already small, and we would be putting them behind a screen?  How would that work? But now I enjoy […]

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The Fullness of Joy

I have a picture by my bed with a quote from Julian of Norwich, “The fullness of joy is to behold God in everything.”  The picture is of a sweet young girl smelling a flower, imposed upon a sunny backdrop.  And on a sun-drenched day, surrounded by flowers and light, I can be with that […]

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Darkness to Light

At my most recent Chicago Red Line show, we performed the song, “Flashlight,” from the movie, “Pitch Perfect 2.” The film ends with the characters performing the song and the audience lighting the night with flashlights. A similar thing happened during our show: lights illuminated the stage as we began the song. But when our […]

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