Blessings for the Journey

We are halfway through our Lenten journey, the season of preparing for the mystery of Easter. With many of us planning journeys  for spring break this coming week, I’d like to offer a “Lent on the Go” family discussion starter (see below).

Sunday School Updates:

On Sunday, we heard the story of “The Greatest Commandment.”  If there is one story to know by heart, this is it! I created a three-minute video for those who want to hear it again. You will find it in your Bible, Mark 12:28-34

These are our altar candles. We began with six that were lit, now there are just three more! Each week we have added one more symbol to our journey through Holy Week. On the first day of Holy Week, the last week of Jesus’ life, he entered the city on a donkey while people waved palms and shouted, “Hosanna!” On the second day, he turned over the tables in the temple. On the third day, he taught in the temple, sharing the Greatest Commandment.



This is our classroom Lenten Tree. Each week we are creating symbols to add. Look how the crosses and hearts are bringing it to life! Use your Lenten devotional to create your own tree at home!



On Sunday night 31 youth, tweens, and their families transformed these plain wooden crosses into symbols of hope. They will be displayed on Easter.




Lent on the Go:

If you are traveling this week, take a moment to observe Lent wherever you are. Begin by recapping Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem. What other journeys do you remember from the Bible? What journeys  have you have been on? What reminds you of God when you are away from home? As you discuss, you may want work together to create a symbol of your family’s journey using rocks, shells, or sticks. I’d love to see what you create. You may share with me over Facebook or through email. Pray this prayer together before and during your trip:

A Celtic Travel Blessing:

God bless the path on which you go
God bless the earth beneath your feet
God bless your destination.
God be a smooth way before you
A guiding star above you
A keen eye behind you
This day, this night, and forever.
God be with you whatever you pass
Jesus be with you whatever you climb
Spirit be with you wherever you stay.
God be with you at each stop and each sea
At each lying down and each rising up
In the trough of the waves, on the crest of
the billows.
Each step of the journey you take.

This travel blessing and others can be found on the Building Faith website.

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