August 9 Edevotional

On Sunday, we read the ancient story of Jacob wrestling with God, from Genesis 32:22-32, in which Jacob renames the location of his encounter  ”Peniel,” “because I’ve seen God face-to-face, and my life has been saved.” While on the canoe trip last week, as nine of us paddled through Quetico, we also wrestled. We wrestled heavy canoes and gear bags over steep inclines, though ankle deep mud, and across boulders. We also wrestled with the kind of big questions that are sure to find you in the remote wilderness: What does this astounding, untouched place tell us about God, the Creator? Can God change the weather to be in our favor if we pray? Why are we here? What brings us joy?

We gave each island that we camped on a name, based on something meaningful that happened there. Treasure island was where we found a fish lure and a Swiss army knife. One of our last stops was at rock island. Here we ate lunch and read the story of Joshua leading the people across the Jordan, an event they marked with twelve stones at Gilgal. Each canoe tripper was then asked to create their own stone marker, or cairn, representing something meaningful that had happened to them on the trip. On Sunday, the canoe trippers will share some of these stories in church.

The ancient stories of Genesis and Joshua remind us of our human tendency to wrestle with God, with challenges, and with questions. We, too, rename and mark the places where we encounter something extraordinary and sacred. How might you remember the holy places you discover this week? If you create a marker of stone or other material, please share it via email or  Facebook.

Christine Hides


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