August 30 Edevotional

I wondered this morning, how many times have I fixed and fed my daughter her breakfast? My daughter, now thirty-one-years-old is fed through a G-tube directly into her stomach. That tube was inserted at year two of her life.
One of the practices of life that Walter Brueggemann lists as the testimonies of the Old Testament, is to embrace the traditions of Wisdom (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and others) that teach us the dailiness of life with all of its contested, buoyant density. (Walter Brueggemann, Theology of the Old Testament, 1997) The dailiness of life…
At a five-day spiritual academy I participated in a couple years ago, Sr. Kathleen said that my greeting and feeding my daughter each morning was my prayer, even my calling. I was left weeping at her words. This daily practice my prayer? God, help me to listen.
Pastor Sherrie Lowly
September Worship Series
Finding Home – a celebration series
September 10
Pet Blessings
Pets are encouraged to join us in worship out on the lawn
September 17
Is home where your faith is formed?
September 24
Is home where you are free to be you?  Reconciling Sunday
Weather permitting, these three weeks will be out on the lawn
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