August 21 Edevotional

School is starting back up. There is a new busyness in the air. My study/office at church looks out at the Westmoreland School where the line-up of cars has begun in the morning and in the afternoon, dropping off and picking up and the yells and laughter of kids at recess will be ringing again. What is the prayer on my heart, what is the yearning in your heart at this time of year? What comes to the surface first is for safety, safety for the children and for the teachers. I pray for the adults who can call out and reach out to the children and the young people who are filled with a loneliness, smoldering rage, who have not known unconditional love and/or who are dealing with hidden mental illness. For the school administrators, the counselors, social workers, teacher aides, and all who in some means could be the eye that sees and the heart that responds. Resentment, violence, lash-back, fear, and prejudice are so quickly filling our hearts and minds. I pray that each of us will hold and nurture and grow the secret that is entrusted to us by God in our faith and in our baptism—that we are loved unconditionally by the God of ages. That we are able to rest from fear because perfect love casts out fear. May we know that there is enough love to go around; there are enough resources, enough goodness for each and every child and young person. That God hears and responds through you and me to those who are crying, hurt, lonely, angry, left-behind, do not or cannot care any longer.

“Let my people go,” was God’s cry through Moses and Aaron to the Pharaoh of the day, who held the Hebrew people in oppression out of fear. The resolve toward violence and oppression was/is strong. The competition to get more, to get all that we can, ahead of others, drives us hard. Please take a moment to rest in God’s love today. Hug and bless a child or young person with that love. May you know the height, the depth, the wideness, the expansiveness of love that is God. Let it flow into you and through you. God, who is love, is stronger than hate. God, who is love, is able to swallow fear and prejudice, to make a way through when it seems that there is no way. Thank you.

Pastor Sherrie Lowly

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