April 17 Edevotional

E-devotion  Wednesday, Holy Week, 2019

Do you have a  fear of death? I ask myself this question at times. I fear the pain, the loss of love relationships, the beauty of this world. Did Jesus experience this fear? I believe so. He experienced the depths of love and experienced being torn away from such love to face the worst kind of death—falsely accused, betrayed by friends, shame. I need to believe that Jesus experienced all of it—regret, doubt, wanting revenge, wanting to fight back. He trained and practiced, prayed, and formed his spirit for just such a time as this. Kept pouring out the self and pouring in the Spirit of love.

I read books about people facing death, making peace with death. Yet, such a violent death…how can I make peace with it? Making peace with the God of death and life. That is what/who I make peace with. With God who is Love, Love that has greater power than death. An all-consuming Love. Love does not do away with pain. I wish that it did. I am still afraid of pain, of loss. But Love goes there too. It is the message of our faith. Of the Church. Love goes with us even there. Not to stop it, but always to have the final word.

Please go through this Holy Week with me. Do not neglect to go to some kind of gathering of members of the household of faith this week. Join us on Good Friday if you’re able. To remember, to be in company with others who are remembering. For your sake. For Jesus’ sake. For the world’s sake. Before going to the tomb of death and fear and loss, and experiencing it empty. Empty and powerless over the immensity and strength of Love that will not let you go.

Pastor Sherrie Lowly

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