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Edevotional April 24

We have a fox that lives near us. Actually two foxes, which may mean that there is a young family of foxes living somewhere nearby. I was sitting with Temma on our couch last night and saw the fox pacing back-and-forth on the top of the fence between our neighbor’s yard and ours. I gasped […]

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April 17 Edevotional

E-devotion  Wednesday, Holy Week, 2019 Do you have a  fear of death? I ask myself this question at times. I fear the pain, the loss of love relationships, the beauty of this world. Did Jesus experience this fear? I believe so. He experienced the depths of love and experienced being torn away from such love […]

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April 3 Edevotional

I’m reflecting on the story of Jesus’ friend, Mary, (of the family Martha, Mary, and Lazarus) coming to the table where Jesus and his disciples are having dinner, bending down at Jesus’ feet and pouring expensive burial oil over his feet, washing them, and drying his feet with her hair. There must have been silence […]

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